This page is dedicated to the evolution that our homestead has been through since we took ownership.  We try to advance the homestead every single year.

As the fourth owner of the home since it was built in 1985, we have aimed to improve the property just as those who came before us did.  In some ways, we see our role as the owners who will bring the home into the 21st century.

These are some of the major projects and significant milestones that we have been through at our Fairbanks homestead!

The Year of 2017

  • Purchased home in spring of 2017
  • Moved in!
  • Planted our first perennial flowers, trees & shrubs
  • Upgraded door locks to digital entry
  • Fixed our woodstove & replaced several missing pieces
  • Replaced water tank draw pipe heat tape
  • Improved insulation for water tank draw pipe
  • Built wood storage (version 1)
  • Processed our first 6 cords of firewood
  • Installed CAT5 network cabling for security cameras
  • Delivered internet & network services to our barn
  • Installed surveillance system
  • Upgraded all home lighting to LED technology

The Year of 2018

  • Replaced master bedroom toilet
  • Added 160 square feet of raised bed gardens
  • Our first garden at our homestead!
  • Replaced the home’s exterior cedar fascia boards
  • Installed gutters on the home
  • Installed rain water catchment systems
  • Processed another 6 cords of wood
  • Built firewood storage (version 2, holzhausens)
  • Installed our weather monitoring station
  • Installed our composting systems
  • Planted more perennial fruits, trees and shrubs

The Year of 2019

  • Centrally irrigated our raised bed gardens
  • Centralized our rain water catchment system
  • Upgraded & replaced outdoor security lighting
  • Added major storage shelving in our barn
  • Stained the house!
  • Repaired broken deck stringers on one staircase (pre-existing damage)
  • Replaced & upgraded our dishwasher
  • Planted more perennial fruits, trees and shrubs

The Year of 2020

  • Built our greenhouse!
  • Installed deck irrigation system
  • Mulched our raised bed gardens
  • We got married at our homestead!
  • Replaced the heat tape on our water intake pipe
  • Built additional storage shelves in our barn
  • Serviced wood stove and flue
  • Repaired our oven that developed a bad control panel
  • Planted more perennial fruits, trees and shrubs

The Year of 2021

  • Built new raised beds along our northern fence line
  • Planted our first significant subarctic perennial food garden (asparagus, horseradish, chives)
  • Sealed our greenhouse with UV rated plastic for heat retention
  • Moved our composting systems (to make room for the raised beds)
  • Installed the home’s first “real” internet! (Wireless ISP)
  • Installed hoop systems on raised beds
  • Started the home’s CAT6 network wiring project
  • Upgraded home surveillance systems
  • Repaired our home dryer’s faulty max-heat sensor
  • Serviced home’s furnace systems
  • First observation of earthquake damage, to be repaired at a later date (sheetrock)

The Year of 2022

  • Our toughest winter yet!
  • Installed the home’s first “smart” home automation platform
  • Upgraded light switches to Lutron Caseta platform
  • Patched & painted master bedroom closet space
  • Upgraded master bedroom closet storage to modern storage standards
  • Added irrigation system to 2021 built raised beds
  • Rebuilt driveway pad with 2 inch minus & polar fines
  • Established “network point of presence” for internet & network cabling
  • Completed home’s CAT6 network wiring project
  • Continued to plant perennial flowers & food, added wood chips to perennial beds